Mobile & browser based cash & mercantile accounting system
SaaS delivery model with on-cloud accounting server & database
Mobile app is available on basic feature phones (Java) and smart phones (Android)
Web browser based access to comprehensive accounting features
Alerts & notifications for payables, receivables, tax dues etc. delivered on the mobile
Create invoices from mobile app (generated invoices are emailed to the user)
Quick reports ordered & viewed instantly on the mobile
Detailed reports ordered from mobile (generated reports are emailed to the user)
Accounting database compatible with Tally – exported directly to Tally system
  • All small business transactions (sales, expenses, tax, income, capital, bank loans etc.) are supported
  • Attach digitized documentation as references for each transaction
  • Instant access to all account balances & transaction data
  • Reporting and analytics of sales, expenses, taxes data
    Accounting features:
  • Provisions (salary, taxes, depreciation etc.) directly setup from the mobile app
  • Account for income tax (advance), VAT/Service-Tax/TDS payables & input credit
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